Monday, December 1, 2008


I know a lot of you think I'm unrealistic in my celebration of Autism, but honestly, there are so many good things about it! I can't even begin to stress this enough. 

This article sums up my point of view quite nicely:

Read it and tell me what you think. Autism and Asperger's can't be ALL bad, right?

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Fleecy said...

I personally do not think autism is even, in itself, inherently mostly bad, and certainly not all bad. I want to write about the things I think are not-bad or even good, that come with being autistic.

It's kind of a touchy subject, though. Lots of people think of autism with visions of head-banging and sitting in padded rooms alone and things like that (I think this is a bad stereotype, but it is still in a lot of people's minds and I feel compelled to take it into account). They can get pretty angry and indignant if someone suggests that autism isn't inherently a bad thing, or is not a disease. These people also tend to say Asperger's is not "real" autism or is something unrelated, things of that sort. Very touchy subject. It's making it extra-hard for me to write about it.

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