Thursday, December 11, 2008

Speech Problems

I feel like, based on how I speak, people don't take me seriously enough. I speak very slowly, past the point of being articulate - I sound slow, or mentally challenged. This is not an exaggeration - many people underestimate my IQ and treat me condescendingly. 

Part of this also has to do with my insecurity regarding that and other aspects of my speech. I feel like I come across as disinterested when talking to others, when in reality, I care so much that I'm searching intently for the right words to say. I also can't stand the tone of my voice - it is rather monotonous and it sounds irritating, little girlish at times - so I have instinctively taught myself to speak less over the years.

I wish I hadn't done this, because I would like to make more friends, and actually survive with a job, not to mention get hired in the first place. A first impression seems to be everything, and I would like to learn how to make a positive one. It seems like companies would hire the bubbly, charismatic girl over me, regardless of any actual ability.

I have had somebody tell me, "my friend and I try to speak like you. We both talk so fast, so it is nice to be able to understand every little word you say. You sound so calm!" It's nice being acknowledged for something like that, but sometimes I speak too slowly, and I feel like people get fed up with it, as if they are impatient with the time I take to spit out my words. I would just like to speak faster with some things so that I am taken more seriously, and so that I don't frusturate people. I hope I can get there, especially in a few years, when it matters the most.

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Fleecy said...

I'm sorry people get frustrated/condescending with you because you talk slowly. It's really annoying when people pay more attention to stuff like tone and inflection and how long someone takes to say something, and things like that, in speech - things that can be pretty hard to control - and don't pay much attention to the actual words being said. I wish I had a helpful suggestion of a way to deal with that stuff, but I don't know of any. Sorry.

Sometimes I have the opposite problem, kind of. It can be really hard for me to say words at all, sometimes, and occasionally when that happens, when I finally manage to say something, everything I've been trying to say, maybe for hours, comes out all at once. Which can be like, infodump for several minutes straight, talking really fast, and the person I'm talking to is left standing there with a really dazed look on their face.

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