Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Random Act of Kindness

Today I was doing some laundry, and after eyeing a nearby vending machine, I decided I wanted to get a bag of chips. I inserted my money and punched in the numbers for a bag of Lay's.

You can only imagine my frustration when the chips got stuck!

I started slamming the machine in fury with my palms - unfortunately, due to my nonexistant upper body strength, they remained stuck.

A random woman whom I had never seen before was walking past, saying nothing more than "it got stuck?" Ignoring my response, she tipped back the machine so the chips fell, and continued on her way. I barely had any time to thank her. 

Though it was a small action, I was reminded of how wonderful people can be. Such actions can really create a distinction between a potentially bad day and a very good one. I'm going to try doing more of these sorts of things  for others, and no matter how your brain functions, I think everybody could afford to bring a few smiles here and there. 


Fleecy said...

That's great. I love it when somebody just does something nice for somebody else like that.

I don't love it when a vending machine messes up, though. It especially annoys me when a beverage machine pops out not only a different thing, but something I would never want to drink. (it popped out a diet soda instead of a bottled water once... I do not enjoy artificial sweeteners, to put it mildly)

That lady must have been kind of strong to be pushing over a vending machine, right? I mean, wow. That's kind of dangerous though. I think they have "DO NOT TIP" signs on them. So it's good nobody got squished.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you had this experience. I love when these things happen, and I love paying it forward when the opportunity arises. It's a great reminder that there is a lot of love and basic decency inside people.

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