Friday, February 27, 2009

Reading Body Language: Cosmo

I know this may sound a bit cliche, but the Cosmopolitan website is the best thing that ever happened to me. A large portion of the articles (endless number, by the way!) are targeted at reading body language and the rules of appropriate conversation in various situations, which is great for anybody who needs a little help in those areas. It presents a lot of those rules which are common sense to most people, but I think it could help Aspies as well - even those who don't fit into the magazine's demographic.

Though it is biased towards western culture, the rules aren't too specific, so I'm sure many people can get something out of these articles.

I thought I'd point it out here, because since a friend pointed it out to me, I've been picking up on so many new social cues that I had previously been blind to. There's still so much more to learn, but this is a nice start. 

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SavedAspie said...

You know, this post makes me feel better. I received a free subscription to some ladies magazine (I don't have a copy handy or I'd tell you what it is- don't think it's Cosmo, though) and was embarrassed, at first, to read it (because I definitely DON'T fit the mag's demographic). But I've learned a lot about people and their interactions from reading it. Learning things I never picked up on before, and things I'm too old to ask people directly about.

You know what else has helped me, reality shows. I don't really care for the storylines (and some of the behavior) but a few shows allow me to see the effects of social interactions without having to experience it for myself.

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