Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Journal Excerpt 2/26/08

"...It would be so much easier if you could have ear plugs for your sense of touch. They obviously wouldn't go in your ears, but if you could somehow adjust how you physically feel when you are being touched then it would make life a whole lot easier. I would take advantage of such an opportunity in a heartbeat.
Unfortunately, such an idea is impossible. It is up to me alone to control such things. I hope it gets easier over time."


A said...

So do I! I may start wearing a tight-fitting vest underneath my clothes, which could take the edge off it slightly. Anything to make dealing with it a bit easier :)

pink said...

haha good idea. i've actually gotten used to wearing tank tops under all my clothes, the tight-fitting camisoles you know? it's like a security blanket. i love it.

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